Tina Cheung holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Auckland, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from Massey University, a Certificate in Community Interpreting from the Auckland Institute of Technology (now Auckland University of Technology) and a Post Graduate Diploma in translation from the University of Auckland. She has travelled extensively from the age of five, moving from her home town in Beijing China to a new part of the world every five years until eventually settling down on the opposite side of the globe in New Zealand.

The versitility aquired from her unique background is reflected in part in Tina’s ability to speak and write four languages fluently: Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Japanese. In 1998, before starting her career as a lawyer, she won a scholarship to study in Kyoto Sangyo University in Japan. In 2000 she took up work in Hong Kong as a project manager for an internationally based company, before embarking on a successful 10 year career as a legal interpreter in New Zealand. Tina was the only interpreter in New Zealand to be granted an on-going contract by the Ministry of Justice, enabling her to participate in numerous high profile trials both at the District Court and the High Court level, as well as thousands of court hearings at every conceivable level in the justice system on an almost daily basis. Her services were in constant demand by Immigration New Zealand, the Refugee Status Appeals Authority, the Serious Fraud Office, the New Zealand Police, the Ministry of Health and countless private clients and law firms. She has also appeared on TV on a number of occasions, lending her expertise in assisting the New Zealand public toward a better understand of the circumstances surrounding Asian crimes.


While dealing regularly with overstayer cases at the Auckland District Court, Tina gained a unique insight into the challenges and common pitfalls faced by new immigrants. Her experiences gave her an in-depth appreciation of the complex issues faced by new immigrants at all levels of the justice system, motivating her to study Immigration Law as part of her Law degree and ultimately to pursue a new career as an immigration advocate. Tina’s qualifications, skills and background have endowed her with a unique ability to relate to a variety of migrants who find themselves in difficult situations. Outside of work, Tina is a young mother who loves spending time with her son and partner. She also enjoys travelling overseas, getting together with friends and family, swimming, reading, watching movies and live comedy shows, and cooking. Her favourite destination in New Zealand is Te Aroha, where the best hot soda pools can be found in a beautiful town that time forgot.

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