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Born in a little town near Cape Town named Ceres, Pieter Erasmus grew up in Port Elizabeth. Sport has always been a big part of Pieter's life. He played rugby and cricket throughout his schooling years. Together with his father and brother, Pieter arrived in New Zealand in June 2002.

"We were a bit scared leaving everyone behind and moving overseas. We never really saw New Zealand on television or heard about it in the news. So we didn't really know what to expect."

Having now lived in New Zealand for eight years, Pieter has not had a single regret. "I absolutely love it here. I find it very relaxing. It's like that old saying: work hard, play harder. Everyone has always been so friendly, and very helpful. And with playing sport in this country, you meet so many great people. This is where I have found most of my friends.'

"Work-wise it has been nothing less than exciting. Even though I did say that I found New Zealand to be very relaxed, everyone is always busy with something. I have worked with some really good employers, kind, generous and always friendly. My brother and I did a lot of the concreting work at the Auckland Luge in Silverdale a few years ago. It was very hard work, but so much fun at the same time. I have also met some amazing lifelong friends through work."


Anna Ulyanova used to live in Moscow where she finished studying English and German at the Moscow Academy of Natalya Nesterova. She worked as a sales manager in a sport club and after that as director of a family company.
As she had been to England before, Anna was thinking that New Zealand would be something like England. "When I came here, I found out that it was much better. People are very nice and friendly. The best thing I like here is the weather," she says. "I have made a lot of friends from different cultures and have found it very interesting talking with them and comparing our countries"
Anna entered the English Language Academy in Auckland to improve her English language and then began an Introduction Certificate in Business at Unitec in Auckland.
"The study part was different for me because, here it's mostly self-study but in Russia it's not," says Anna. "The culture and life style is very different. People in New Zealand prefer an active way of life. They spend a lot of time out, dine out and travel a lot within the country. That is when I decided to travel too."
Anna went to the South Island, to Queenstown, Christchurch, Picton, Kaikora and Wellington

Impressed with his cricketing talent, the New Zealand Cricket Players Association approached McLeod & Associates to act for Pieter in securing his Work Visa. "I only really have one word for McLeod & Associates: 'They're brilliant! Since the first day I met Joanne, it has been really great. The firm has always been very positive, and helpful. Joanne has been awesome, always friendly, kind and very sincere. I would recommend working with her any day of the week." Pieter looks forward to a long and prosperous future in New Zealand. "This country and everyone that I have met over here has been so good to me. All I can do now is go on and give it my all. I am going to continue playing cricket to the best of my ability, keep meeting new people and work hard.'

"New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country. The people are friendly, there are some spectacular views and sight-seeing around and there is always a helping hand when needed. I have certainly made this my home now, and I'm sure that anyone who decides to come over to New Zealand would not have any trouble settling in."



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