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Just Do It!

seperator20 Louise arrived in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa in July 2008.
"I didn't really know what to expect before coming to New Zealand. I had heard that the scenery was amazing and that the country was very cultural," says Louise Murray.

"My first stop was Auckland and I was imagining a small city but was surprised by how cosmopolitan it is. I couldn't wait to tour around the country and see all the beautiful places I had heard about!"

McLeod and Associates secured an Essential Skills Work Visa for Louise in August 2009.
 "McLeod and Associates exceeded my expectations for reliability and professionalism. They went out of their way to ensure I was up to date on any developments", Louise says.

"Joanne and Richard are a pleasure to deal with and communication was outstanding throughout my application. I would highly recommend using McLeod and Associates to anyone as they are quite simply excellent at what they do."


Anna Ulyanova used to live in Moscow where she finished studying English and German at the Moscow Academy of Natalya Nesterova. She worked as a sales manager in a sport club and after that as director of a family company.
As she had been to England before, Anna was thinking that New Zealand would be something like England. "When I came here, I found out that it was much better. People are very nice and friendly. The best thing I like here is the weather," she says. "I have made a lot of friends from different cultures and have found it very interesting talking with them and comparing our countries"
Anna entered the English Language Academy in Auckland to improve her English language and then began an Introduction Certificate in Business at Unitec in Auckland.
"The study part was different for me because, here it's mostly self-study but in Russia it's not," says Anna. "The culture and life style is very different. People in New Zealand prefer an active way of life. They spend a lot of time out, dine out and travel a lot within the country. That is when I decided to travel too."
Anna went to the South Island, to Queenstown, Christchurch, Picton, Kaikora and Wellington

Louise plans to apply for residency and live in New Zealand for the foreseeable future. "I've now completely settled into New Zealand life. I've been to a lot of different countries and New Zealand is the one place that I've loved calling home," she now says. "Life here is a lot more relaxed and the people are so friendly and easy going. I've made a lot of friends and I work with a great bunch of people too so that's made life here all the better. The weather is brilliant and there's never any shortage of things to do whether it's summer or winter. Just a short drive out of Auckland takes you to places that are breathtakingly beautiful and unique. Also, it's easy and inexpensive to travel to other cities for weekend breaks. I absolutely love it here and am delighted I took a chance and came."

"There are many places I have yet to visit that I look forward to in the future" she says. "My advice if you're considering coming to New Zealand is to just do it! There hasn't been one moment of regret since I arrived two years ago. If you're looking for a place to live that offers plenty of opportunities and is easy to settle into, then this is where you should come."



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